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Add a Splash of Colors in Your Kitchen with these Houseplants

Oct 19, 2022Mustufa Khan

Here’s a secret recipe for health and well-being: beautiful plants.

When we think about getting houseplants for our home, the kitchen is the last place on our minds. But why? The kitchen is the heart of the house. It deserves a touch of nature for a lively feel. Along with enhancing the aesthetic appeal of any space, plants are also known to increase creativity. Invest in a few of these low-maintenance houseplants to add some color to your kitchen...

Peace Lily

The air-purifying Peace Lily is a beautiful addition to any kitchen, radiating calmness and elegance with its glossy leaves. Peace lilies will flourish in a well-lit kitchen. These plants absorb excess moisture from the air, thereby combating the formation of mildew. With the right amount of sun, water, and loads of love, you can find beautiful snow-white blossoms on your Peace Lily.

Philodendron Brasil Plant

Having gorgeous heart-shaped leaves, “Heartleaf Philodendron” is just the plant your kitchen needs. The leaves display a vibrant green color with variegations in shades of green and white. In Feng Shui, the kitchen is associated with the fire element. Philodendrons are believed to enhance the energy of fire elements which strengthens relationships. From filtering the air to enhancing the appearance of your kitchen, Philodendron Brasil is an easy-to-care-for houseplant

Black Rubber Plant

“Ficus Elastica” or “Black Prince” are some of the names of the Black Rubber Plant. It has magnificent foliage of dark green leaves with a leathery feel. It removes mold spores and freshens up indoor air. It has zero allergenic properties; i.e it is pollen-free. This is the ideal plant to charm up the appearance of your kitchen.

Syngonium Pink Plant

With leaves in the shape of an arrow’s head, Syngonium Pink is a great plant to give your kitchen a chic appearance. It has rosy pink leaves with hints of green. This plant is believed to create a balance between Yin and Yang energy. Placing the Syngonium plant in the corner eliminates negative energy.

Golden Money Plant

The Golden Money Plant is an extremely forgiving houseplant requiring minimal care and attention. It has heart-shaped leaves with a golden tint. Also known as Devil’s Ivy, this plant has been given significance by Vaastu experts. It is believed to bring good luck and prosperity. According to Vaastu experts, money plants aid in balancing negative energy released due to the wrong placement of the gas burner or stove.

Where to place these plants?

In the kitchen, plants should be placed in spots where they can receive filtered sunlight. Avoid placing them in areas where they come in contact or smoke or oil/grease. This can affect the health of the plant. Showcase them on countertops or by the window. You can even plant them in hanging baskets to keep counter space empty.

The bottom line is…

Indoor plants amp up the appearance of the kitchen and offer benefits such as enhanced air quality and reduced stress levels. Being surrounded by greenery in the kitchen promotes well-being and creates a refreshing vibe. Add a dash of nature to your kitchen and let the dish of happiness be served.

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