Key Tips for Tabletop Gardening in Your Home and Office

Key Tips for Tabletop Gardening in Your Home and Office

There’s no place nature can’t beautify. The beauty of nature is unmatched.

If you are a plant enthusiast but can’t find space for your green friends; then tabletop gardens are the perfect option. A garden atop your study table or work desk is just the thing you need to spruce up your working space. Whether you are an ace at gardening or a neophyte, you can create your very own tabletop garden with the following tips…


Terrariums are elegant glass enclosures used to grow plants. These come in a variety of colors and shapes. Plant your Bunny Ear Cactus in a geometric terrarium or your Golden Fern in a trapezium terrarium. For a splash of color, add some bright-colored gravel on top of the soil. Amp up the aesthetics of your indoor spaces with classy terrariums.

Mason Jar

Stunning glass jars with a lid and handle, mason jars were trending some time back. These come in abstract, simple, or quirky prints. To give your mason jar garden a chic look, add a layer of gravel, some soil, and another layer of gravel around your plant. You can use gravel of as many different colors as you prefer and turn your mason jar garden into a sight to behold.

Dish or Plate

Take a deep dish or a pretty plate and convert it into your mini-forest. Plant some succulents and ferns in it. You can decorate the top of the soil with sea shells and pebbles for a beach theme. With tiny figurines of animals, people, and some houses; a city landscape can also be created in a dish garden.

The “how to” of tabletop gardening

For a successful tabletop garden, choose a spot that receives bright indirect sunlight. The planter selected should not have a drainage hole. Tabletop plants should be watered by spraying the leaves and soil with a handheld sprayer. The most favored plants for tabletop gardens are succulents and ferns. With a little creativity, you can bring the beauty of nature into your home. Adorn your tabletops with lush greenery. Experiment with a tiny garden in a dish or a mason jar or invest in a classy terrarium for your green friends.

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