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Peace Lily Plant With Self Watering Pot

Peace Lily Plant With Self Watering Pot

Induces Good Sleep

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About The Peace Lily Plant

Goodnight, sleep well. I say these words from the bottom of my roots. Jokes apart, you should undoubtedly have me as your roommate. I have the ability to induce peaceful sleep by filtering the air and alleviating the levels of stress. Not just that, I have gorgeous white flowers with contrasting green leaves. If you want to add elegance to your home and office, I am the one you need.

    Brings Peace and Eliminates Stress

    Peace Lily, botanically known as Spathiphyllum Green, is known for its ability to induce peaceful sleep. It eases the mind by reducing stress levels, eventually resulting in better sleep. The classic combination of green with white makes this plant a great option for home and office decor. For an enthralling appearance, you can place this plant on the center table, kitchen platform, and work desk.

    peace lily plant online

    Growing a Peace Lily plant is a hassle-free process. Ideally, it should be kept in areas where it can get low to bright indirect sunlight. The watering should be done once a week in summer and every 2 weeks in winter. The right time for repotting Peace Lily is spring.

    Like every plant, Peace Lily can also suffer from rotten roots and pests. To prevent the rotting of roots, ensure that the plant is not overwatered. In certain cases, bacteria can enter the soil causing the leaves to turn black or show black spots. This problem can be treated by repotting the plant and using a fungicide to prevent it from happening again. As beautiful as this plant is, unfortunately, it is not a friend to your pets. If ingested in smaller amounts, it might cause oral irritation and vomiting. However, ingesting this plant in larger amounts can prove toxic for your pets.

    Size me up

    The approximate width of the foliage is 3-5 Inch
    The approximate height of the plant is 4-7 Inch
    The height of the self-watering pot is 4.5 Inch
    The diameter of the self-watering pot is 3.7 Inch

    • Where to grow?

      Grow in bright indoors or shaded outdoors

    • Watering tips

      Once a week in summer and every 2 weeks in winter

    • Lighting

      Keep in low to bright indirect sunlight

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Why are the leaves of my Peace Lily wilting?

    Wilting of leaves can be due to underwatering or overwatering of the plant.

    Why is my Peace Lily not blooming?

    If all the care instructions are followed and there is still no bloom in the Peace Lily, it is an indication that the plant is not getting sufficient sunlight.

    Why are the leaves turning brown?

    Excess exposure to the sun can damage the leaves causing them to turn brown.

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    Self Watering

    The way self-watering pots work is a phenomenon known as “capillary action,” or “wicking.”  They use sub-irrigation to deliver water directly to plant roots with the help of a water reservoir at the bottom of the planter, enabling the plant to drink at its own pace.

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    Walter Cardoza
    Self watering Pots

    Very good Purchase


    Received a healthy plant in proper packaging.

    Yash ShahYash Shah


    Nice packing and nice plant

    Nice plant with best packaging and affordable price from kyari

    Very small pot.

    Very small pot. But, Peace Lilly plant is excellent even small in size. I have satisfied with plant.

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