Plant-related queries

How will my plant arrive?

Your plant will arrive in sturdy, cautious packaging which will protect it from getting damaged during shipping.

My plant arrived healthily but now it is not doing well, why?

It is unfortunate that your plant is not doing well. This usually happens when it is not getting the right nutrients. However, you can still nurture it back to health by following the care instructions on the website for your plant.

How can I take care of my plant?

Every plant needs different care. That is why we have added the care instructions for each plant on the product page.

How do I protect my plants from pests?

The plants are potted in Coco peat soil which is known for its anti-fungal nature and the ability to keep the plant pest free.

How do I know if my plant needs water?

If you follow the watering guide on the product page, you will have no water problems with your plant. However, your plant will give signs to let you know it needs water. The leaves will start to look shriveled, and the top layer of soil will feel dry; this means that your plants need to be watered.

Planter-related queries

Is my planter rust-free?

The planters are coated with powder coating which is known to keep metal rust-free.

How do I assemble my planter?

Assembling the planter is very easy. All you have to do is place it on the stand and it is ready to put your plant in it.

How do I clean my planter?

Clean the planter with a dry cloth to remove any dust from it.

How does the self-watering pot work?

The self-watering pot stores any excess water in the reservoir underneath. The roots then absorb the water via capillary action. The reservoir will prevent any spillage or leakage from the pot onto your desk or tabletop.

Succulents-related queries

What are succulents?

Succulents are plants that have thick, fleshy leaves which have the capability to store water. Being desert plants, succulents can survive in dry climates. You can find a variety of succulents here in Kyari.

How to care for succulents?

Succulents are easy-to-care-for. They don’t require excessive watering or repotting frequently. Overwatering can cause the roots to rot.