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Calathea Stromanthe Triostar Plant With Self Watering Pot

Calathea Stromanthe Triostar Plant With Self Watering Pot

Striking Pink-Streaked Houseplant

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If you enjoy pink houseplants, then one of the most eye-catching tropical plants you can grow is me. Some of my many nicknames are Triostar Stromanthe, Tricolour Prayer Plant, Magenta Triostar, Calathea Triostar. I am a lovely species of multicoloured plant that adds an exotic touch to your house. There’s a fascinating thing about my leaves! If there is light, I open my leaves; if it's dark, I close my leaves. And sometimes it is followed by a rustling sound.

    A beautiful plant with tricolour: pink, green & white

    Calathea Stromanthe Triostar Plant is a member of the Marantaceae family. Especially known for its tricoloured attractive leaves. It is a perennial herb with long, green leaves that have vivid pink dark spots scattered throughout them. Triostar can easily make your surroundings exquisite with its mesmerising foliage.

    Calathea Triostar doesn't require much of a detailed care procedure. Just keep them in low indirect sunlight and your triostar will do wonders. They should be watered once a week in summers and every two weeks in winter. Not that tough right? We advise you to repot Triostar stromanthe plants every two years or as soon as you see roots emerging from the pot's bottom. Repotting this species is best done in the early spring before any new growth has emerged. Triostar will look best in your living room, where you can show this beaty off easily.

    Although we may take care of our plants to the fullest, sometimes they might catch some or the other disease. And it is always better to take precautions beforehand. One of the common symptoms you may see is yellowing / off-white colouring of leaves. This happens when your plant is overwatered. If the moisture around your triostar is quite dry, you may see withered or brown leaves. Though this plant is pet-friendly, we suggest that it should not be ingested.

    Size me up

    The approximate width of the foliage is 4-6 Inch
    The approximate height of the plant is 13-16 Inch
    The height of the self-watering pot is 4.5 Inch
    The diameter of the self-watering pot is 3.7 Inch

    • Where to grow?

      Grow in bright indoors or shaded outdoors

    • Watering tips

      Once a week in summers & every 2 weeks in winter

    • Lighting

      Keep in bright indirect sunlight

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How fast do stromanthes grow?

    This plant grows relatively quickly and can grow up to one to two feet tall in ideal conditions. In the spring and summer, fertilise once or twice a month with indoor plant food.

    Why Are My Stromanthe Triostar's Leaves Curling?

    This plant family likes the humidity that reminds them of their tropical home, and when they don't get enough moisture, their leaves might become stressed. By checking following points, you can cure curling of leaves:
    Underwatering is happening
    Insufficient humidity
    Some of the typical minerals found in tap water, such as chlorine, fluoride, and hard salts, might cause the plant to malfunction.

    Why Are The Edges Of My Stromanthe Triostar's Leaves Browning?

    Given their remarkable appearance, it's understandable if leaf discoloration on your Triostar causes you to worry. The foliage of your plant can look brand-new again with a quick cut! Simply follow the leaf's natural shape and curve when trimming off discolouration with a pair of sharp, clean scissors.

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    Self Watering

    The way self-watering pots work is a phenomenon known as “capillary action,” or “wicking.”  They use sub-irrigation to deliver water directly to plant roots with the help of a water reservoir at the bottom of the planter, enabling the plant to drink at its own pace.

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    Nice plant

    Best pant

    Chandrashekhar Gaikwad
    Lovely plant

    Just beautiful.

    Naresh Matharia

    Calathea Stromanthe Triostar Plant With Self Watering Pot

    Good vibes only

    I loved this plant, it gv me good vibes and its self watering pot is an amazing concept… great experience!

    Fully supportive

    The plant was dried up but team kyari was fully supportive and resolved the issue.

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