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Jade Plant With Self Watering Pot: Lucky Plant

Jade Plant With Self Watering Pot: Lucky Plant

Brings Good Luck

Elegant and resilient, the Jade Plant thrives as a stylish decor accent. Its glossy leaves and compact form exude timeless beauty, complementing any interior with a touch of natural sophistication.

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About The Jade Plant

Crassula Ovata, that is my botanical name. I belong to the Crassulaceae family. With stunning gem-like leaves on a thick, scaly stem; I can relieve stress, induce peaceful sleep and improve the overall quality of indoor air. Being the bringer of Good Luck, I am also known as the “Lucky Plant”.

Grow in bright indoors or shaded outdoors
Where to grow?
Once a week in summer and every 2-3 weeks in winter
Watering tips
Keep in moderate to bright indirect sunlight

Invite Good Luck into your home

Give your home or office a soothing vibe, buy jade plant online. If you want to add class and elegance to your indoor space, then Jade Plant is the way to go. Not only is Jade Plant ornamental, it is also known for its ability to relieve stress and purify the air. With minimal care, this plant can brighten up your living room, kitchen, office, balcony, or any other indoor space.

Non-demanding and easy to care for are the words that describe Jade Plant. In summer, it should be watered once a week while in winter, watering should be done only once every 2-3 weeks. To ensure the healthy growth of your Jade Plant, keep it in spots where it can get moderate to bright indirect sunlight. Repotting should be done in early spring before the growing season begins.

Sometimes your Jade Plant can fall sick. These diseases can be due to lack or excess of water and sunlight. If the Jade Plant does not get adequate sunlight, it might start losing leaves. In cases when the plant is overwatered, the roots being to rot and leaves turn yellow. This is a clear indication to reduce the watering frequency. If you have pets, be careful that they don’t ingest the plant as it may cause health issues.

Size me up

The approximate width of the foliage is 2-3 Inch
The approximate height of the plant is 4-6 Inch
The height of the self-watering pot is 4.5 Inch
The diameter of the self-watering pot is 3.7 Inch

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I recently had the pleasure of purchasing plants online from KYARI, and it was an exceptional experience. Every aspect of my purchase exceeded my expectations, from the wide variety of plants to the impeccable packaging and overall quality.

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Kyari: A family of plant lovers!

Two things that make Kyari family different, are our love for plants and gardening, and a team full of passion for adding life to any indoor space. On the other hand, Kyari is loved for quality, our homegrown plants get utmost care and attention so that they live a long life, and add a touch of elegance to your space.

Self Watering

The way self-watering pots work is a phenomenon known as “capillary action,” or “wicking.”  They use sub-irrigation to deliver water directly to plant roots with the help of a water reservoir at the bottom of the planter, enabling the plant to drink at its own pace.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are the leaves of my Jade Plant looking shriveled?

This can be due to underwatering of the plant. Lack of water can cause leaves to dry and fall off

Why are the leaves turning black?

Blackening of leaves is an alarming situation. This can be because of rotten roots or pests/plant disease

Why are the leaves turning brown?

The leaves of Jade Plant can turn brown when there is excess exposure to the sun. This indicates that the plant is getting too much direct sunlight leading to scorching of the leaves.


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Denzil Noronha

Excellent plant

Siddhartha Das
Definitely recommend

Plant was in good condition and growing nicely. Like the unique self watering pot..definitely recommend

Mohammad Zeeshan

Jade Plant With Self Watering Pot: Lucky Plant

Nisha Kumari
Self watering jade plant

It exceeds my's beautiful and comes in nice packing

I can’t Explain 😍

I’m unable to explain how much i loved this product…Is this really from online 😍…I’m really speechless after unbox the product…Its more than my expectation…I’m gonna buy more ♥️…Thank you Kyari ♥️🥰

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