Top 10 indoor plants to give as housewarming gifts

Top 10 indoor plants to give as housewarming gifts

Feb 20, 2023Rohit Sharma

Have you ever given thought to present someone with an indoor plant as a gift? Well, Indoor plants make a perfect gift, especially for those who are entering their new home. These beautiful plants are perfect for a housewarming gift. They are unique and they are a gift full of emotions, hence, you can be assured that you are presenting your loved ones with something special on their big day!

Explore a list of the top 10 indoor plants that are perfect as a housewarming gift Check out this list:

Snake plant


Bring a smile on the faces of your near and dear ones, and gift them a snake plant on a special occasion such as a housewarming. The plant helps in purifying indoor air by removing toxic pollutants, and the plant is very effective against allergies, making it a perfect plant to gift. The snake plant is a Feng-Shui piece that signifies good luck and tenacity.

Peace lily


Meet one of the most popular gifting plants, peace lily features glossy green and vibrant leaves, and it’s perfect for room decoration. The plant is loved due to its meaning, it signifies This Lilly represents innocence, peace, prosperity, sympathy, hope, and healing, the receivers of this gift are sure to feel delighted.


What makes this plant a perfect housewarming gift? Well, the meaning of the plant says it all, the plant symbolizes new life, and new beginnings, and what else can be a better gift than this for those who are stepping into a new home? Ferns can be placed in standing pots, and they can be hung, a perfect plant for every home.

Jade plant

The plant features thick, fleshy, oval, vibrant green leaves, making it a perfect indoor plant for every home. The plant represents luck and friendship, so if your friend is entering a new home and you want to wish him/her good luck for the new beginning, then the jade plant should be your choice.


The name is derived from the Greek word philo, which stands for love and affection whereas dendron means tree. The tree features oval or heart-shaped leaves, you can find some amazing varieties of this plant, all of them making the right housewarming gift. The plant remains happy in medium, indirect light, and your loved ones are sure to fall in live with this plant.

Spider plant

The long-bladed, striped leaves of this housewarming plant can beautify any corner of the home instantly, all you need is to ask the receiver to place it in a bright sunny spot, and this plant will do the trick. The plant is popular as an air purifier, it will help in removing unwanted pollutants from the air, and allow the receiver to breathe fresh and clean air.


The plant is regarded as a prayer plant, and due to its beautiful meaning, the plant is perfect for a housewarming gift. The plant features big, bright leaves, and it can uplift the decor element of any space.

Parlor Palm

Setting into a new space with this particular plant can be a delightful experience. The plant has some amazing varieties and you have all the freedom to choose the ones that best fit your gifting needs. For decorative purposes, this one is a perfect plant, especially for tabletops.

Money plant

One of the most recognizable indoor plants, and this one is sure to be loved by everyone as a gift, the money plant has its own unique significance. The plant is known to attract good luck and fortune,

Aglaonema plant

Aglaonema plant features vibrant colored leaves and it can beautify any corner of the home in no time. The plant is low maintenance in nature, and the receivers of this plant are sure to love it. The plant is a perfect indoor air purifier, removes harmful toxins from the environment, and also helps in reducing stress.

Check out these beautiful housewarming plants and make your loved ones smile on their big day! 

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