How to create an inviting space with decorative indoor plants?

How to create an inviting space with decorative indoor plants?

Apr 27, 2023Mustufa Khan

When it comes to home decoration, houseplants are overlooked. But, indoor plants have real potential and they can make any space look fresh, green, and appealing. You must be exploring Pinterest, some magazines, and other online sources simply to figure out just the right combination for your furnishings, color schemes, and accent pieces. Do not overlook an important design element- indoor plants. Decorative plants are surely an easy, creative, and inexpensive way to add life to your space.

If you want to make decorating with plants an integral part of your indoor decor, we have got you covered with some exciting design inspo, you'll surely love to try them.

Add pops of color

Make use of those varied shades of green, and it will do the trick in any corner of your home. Such a way of styling is more than accents, you can make use of white, yellow, and variegated leaves, consider this arrangement with any wall and you won't need any kind of artwork or matching pillows. You can add elegance to your indoor space with the gem-leaved Jade Plant. The plant is known for its amazing air-purifying abilities and it's a stress buster.

Combine some styles

When you decide to decorate with plants, you need to focus on visual balance. Here is an example- when you have a large planter in the corner of your home, it is sure to catch the eyeballs, and if you place a small plant, that one can remain unnoticed. Think about the size of the plant and the planter when you are decorating any spacious area or corner of your home, it will make all the difference.

Think about small areas

Even the smallest spaces in your home- balcony, windowsill, and even your dining table can be decorated easily with the help of decorative plants. You can explore some decorative plants for home and dining table plants that will add a touch of elegance to your table. On the other hand, succulents also make a perfect choice to decorate small spaces such as your office desk.

Natural artwork on the wall

Here is a simple yet elegant idea, all you need is to have some hanging plants that will add charm to your walls. You can invest in some hanging planters that will make your walls look more elegant. Hanging planters are available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes and you can feel free to choose the ones that best fit your wall decor needs. Also, make sure that you use low-maintenance indoor plants so that you can take good care of these plants.

How about a hobby corner?

If you are among those who are avid gardeners or plant lovers, then this idea is just for you. The best thing about indoor plants is that they don't need too much of your space. You can create a hobby corner in any specific area of your home, or balcony, and this will reflect your plant-loving personality. This specific area of your home will provide you with lots of enjoyment it is surely a pleasant addition to your home.

Don't forget your kitchen

Also known as the heart of your home, the kitchen is the place where you share delicious food and amazing memories, make this space look captivating with some indoor plants. Even a small shelf above the sink with some captivating plants can do the trick, and you can also opt for some magnetic planters that are small and elegant, they occupy very little space and make your space look beautiful.

Let there be light

If you have bright corners in your home or a sunroom or a low-ceilinged space that feels empty, then filling that space with plants can work wonders. When you choose the right planter and play a little with heights and textures, you can turn any area into a restful green haven. Make sure to choose plants that have sunlight requirements so that the plant can thrive in such areas and conditions.

Pro tip: Choose the right planter

This one is a hot tip and if done right, you can surely marry your plants with your decor. From plastic pots to ceramic pots and metal planters, you can explore a wide range of such stylish and beautiful planters, and feel free to choose the ones that best fit your decor needs.

Final words

Decorating with plants is a great idea to add life to your home, all you need is the right types of plants with decorative plant pots, and the right placement, and it is sure to get the job done. Try these plant decor ideas and don’t forget to share them with your near and dear ones.

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