7 creative ways to display houseplants in your home

7 creative ways to display houseplants in your home

Indoor plants bring life and vitality to your home

Indoor plants have their own unique way to bring life and vitality to your home. Sometimes, lush greenery is all that you need to brighten up your living space. Moreover, the positive health benefits of having indoor plants around are known to everyone. As there are various houseplants to choose from, you can enjoy the endless scope of decorating with plants. Whether you want to decorate the heart of your home- your kitchen, or you want to make your bedroom more relaxing, there is a houseplant for every corner of your home.

Decorating with plants can be challenging, and hence, we have come up with a list of plant decor ideas that are sure to inspire you while beautifying your indoor space.

Decorate shelves with indoor plants

Ask any interior designer or stylist about decorating shelves and they will tell you that plants are the best option to decorate shelves. Indoor plants are capable of bringing an element of softness and freshness to any shelf, and if you are looking for some architectural style, you can choose to go with succulents. Indoor plants work really well when it comes to filling the gaps, and you can create a feeling of an indoor jungle with the right plants.

Think about a botanical theme

You don't really need to hold back when you are decorating with plants. If you want to create a magical fee, then you truly need to think creatively, whether it is a simple placement of plants or you are making use of hanging plants. Instead of placing a couple of plants on your windowsill, you need to ensure that the plants can become part of your room. Commit yourself to the botanical theme and you are sure to create an impressive indoor space.

Layering plants is a lovely decision

This is more specifically for living rooms. Living room plants can bring life and interest to your space, choose different kinds of indoor plants and display them at different heights. the plants can be raised on stands, hung, or kept on a table, the choice is all yours. Plants with variegated leaves such as the Aglaonema Lipstick Plant, a plant with strokes of pink can get the job done. Such plants are sure to look like something that is created by an artist.

Create a focal point

Sometimes, carefully positioned plants can work wonders, and you don't really need to have too many of them. Many people look for large statement plants, and they want to create a focal point. Plants are more than an accessory for rooms, they are an integral part of any decor and design element. You need to treat houseplants as an art piece. Simply placing a large indoor plant in a specific corner is becoming a trend, and it truly looks elegant.

Decorating the windowsill with plants

If you make use of this space creatively, it is sure to make everything look so special. You need to be a little careful when you are placing plants here, make sure that you have some light-loving plants some plants can appreciate the daylight while others can be damaged in too much light. Indoor plants thrive when they are placed in a consistent environment, just the right plants can do the trick.

Let's go to your bedroom

If you want to embrace biophilic design, bedrooms are the best choice to make. You can make use of nature to bring peace and harmony. You need to place some air-purifying plants near your bed and they will create a healthy environment for you while making your space more and more relaxing. Explore some bedroom plants and choose the ones that best fit your bedroom decor needs. Indoor plants are sure to help you enjoy a good night's sleep.

Don't leave the corners empty

This can be a little tricky to understand what you need to do with the empty corners of your living room. A large plant is always a great choice for such corners as it can bring purpose and also brighten up your living space. You can make your space more and more welcoming with the help of indoor plants, they offer a sense of well-being while making your time spent in the living room more satisfying.

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