Schefflera care guide

Schefflera Care

1) Apply the correct amount or portion of fertilizer. Experts recommend to fertilize indoor plants once or twice per year during spring or summer.Ensure that fertilizer is rich in phosphate, potassium nitrogen because they are the most important nutrients that houseplants needs to thrive.If you have just potted your plant it is advised that you don’t add fertilizer in the pot until the root of the plant is well-entrenched into the soil.
2) Best way to avoid underwatering and overwatering situations for houseplants is to provide the sufficient amount of water that means only provide the required amount of water until the soil becomes wet not soggy.(avoid standing water in the pot for longer periods).
3) Avoid keeping the plant in direct sunlight or indicrect sunlight for longer period.
4) If the plant is lacking sunlight place it near the window, balcony or under the shade where indirect sunlight comes few hours a day.

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