Alocasia plant

Alocasia plant

Meet a beautiful tropical plant that features arrowhead-shaped leaves, Alocasia is capable of beautifying any corner of your home. The plant prefers a warm, bright area, make sure that you place it right.

The plant is native to the tropical area in the South Pacific Islands, Alocasia plants prefer humidity, a perfect choice for kitchens and bedrooms.

Care guide


The plant prefers bright indirect sunlight, avoid direct sunlight as it can lead to leaf scorch.


Water the plant when 25-50% of the soil volume is dry, and allow the water to flow through the drainage hole.


The plant prefers humid environments.


The plant prefers 65–85°F temperature, make sure to avoid sudden temperature changes.


All-purpose indoor plant fertilizers work well, and feed the plant every month in spring and summer.


The plant is mildly toxic to both humans and pets.

Common issues

Limp and drooping

Excess water or low humidity can lead to limp and drooping.

The plant turning yellow

One of the most common reasons for the plant turning yellow is improper soil moisture, avoid over-watering the plant. Low humidity can dry soil can also be the reason, place the plant in bright indirect sunlight.

Fun fact

Alocasia plants grow from bulbs.