Aglaonema Care


The plant is native to Southeast Asia, Aglaonemas are very vibrant and colorful, and they come with striking leaves, these plants are easy to care for and hence, they are a perfect choice for living rooms, offices, bedrooms, and study rooms. The plant can tolerate both dry and moist conditions, they are the perfect plant for low-light conditions.

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Care guide


The plant prefers bright to medium indirect light, and it can adapt to low light. Plant leaves can burn due to prolonged exposure to direct light.


Water the plant slowly, let the soil soak water, and water when the 50% soil volume is dry. Allow the water to flow through the drainage hole.


Average household humidity works well for this plant, though the plant will appreciate an occasional humidity boost.


The plant lives happily in temperatures between 65-75°F.


Some general-purpose houseplant fertilizers will work well for this plant, during spring and summer, feed the plant monthly, and feed once during the fall season.


The plant is toxic to both humans and pets.

Image of species

Common issues

Limp and drooping leaves

You need to keep a consistent watering schedule, and make sure that you don't underwater the plant. Mist it and increase the humidity around d the plant.

Leaves of the plant turning yellow

Improper soil moisture is one of the prime reasons why leaves may be turning yellow. You may see brown edges due to low humidity and dry soil. The foilage can look yellow or even burn when exposed to direct sunlight for a long.

Fun fact

The plant is an amazing air purifier.