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Our Story

One fine day, an idea came into our mind “what if we could decorate people’s homes & offices with greenery?”. And that is how this green space called KYARI was born.

To decorate your interior landscape with greenery, to give it a luxurious vibe, to brighten up your indoor garden, to make you feel calm like you are in the arms of nature. Our plants are grown with the utmost care to keep them healthy & happy. It is no surprise that spending time with nature brings tranquility. With a busy lifestyle, having a lovely indoor garden is perfect to feel the embrace of nature.
And for these plants, every planter is crafted to reflect class & uniqueness, elegance & style. Our planters are designed carefully keeping in mind your decór needs. Not only are our planters durable, but they will also look amazing in your beautiful home. We are here to give your garden a makeover.

With our decor options, you can give your home & office a lavish look. Whether you need a houseplant, a planter, or a succulent to decorate your home & office; we are here for you. We have a wide range of decór options, from traditional design to contemporary, from decorative plants to succulents, and from planters to planter stands; we have everything that will make you fall in love with your indoors.
Every day we are learning something new about the world of plants, succulents, and planters; to improve our products to serve you in the best way possible.

A touch of green, a luxurious look you can fall in love with, and the comfort of ordering from anywhere, any time; all these come with Kyari.

Caring for each plant with love, introducing stunning planters to enliven your interior landscape & being with you every step of the way on your plant parenting journey. We take pride in being your guide through the world of plants.

Our team is dedicated to delivering the healthiest plants to you. Grown in nutritious Coco Peat soil & nurtured with love, to turn your indoors into an exquisitely charming space.
Our plants come bearing a number of gifts. Some purify air, while some relieve stress. A few green beauties promote peace & positivity as well. And without a doubt, every plant is beautiful in its own way.

To accommodate their needs to your busy lifestyle, our plants are low maintenance. They thrive in indirect sunlight & do not require a lot of water. With extensive research, we put together small guides to help you look after your plant’s well-being.

We deliver long-lasting planters made with premium quality material. Every planter is designed to create a visually appealing interior landscape. With classy designs, vibrant colours, elegant structures & a variety of shapes & sizes, we have planters to fulfill all your decor needs.

Whether you want to add an element of quirk to your indoor decor or a dash of elegance, our planters are made for you.

Our planters are unique & elegant, a stylish addition to your indoor decor. If you love to be surrounded by nature, to give a touch of green luxe to your home & office; then Kyari is your go-to place for all plant and decor needs.

Our packaging is designed to keep the plants safe on their journey to your home. The packaging reflects the essence of our brand. To minimize our carbon footprint, the packaging is made of eco-friendly material.

The Customer Experience

We are dedicated to delivering green joy across India. To bring a smile to our customer’s faces & to uplift their indoor decor element is what we aim for. We strive to keep our delivery practices fast & hassle-free.

We believe that learning never ends. Everyday we are learning to provide the best service to our customers, by minimizing any discomfort. To satisfy your green thumb, we are there to deliver plants to your doorstep.

The best part of the process is knowing that our customers are happy. Every positive review, every appreciation post, every happy store; makes all our efforts worthwhile.

The Teamwork

At Kyari, we are not just a team but a family. Along with building our brand, we are building bonds, and friendships, and growing together. Achieving milestones, celebrating special occasions & creating a bundle of memories.

Our team works hard to ensure that all your needs related to plants are met. With in-depth research about plants, we draft everything that you would need to keep your plant healthy,

happy & alive. Whether it is about the amount of water & sunlight they need or protecting them from diseases, we have got everything covered.

This amazing team of ours is a part of our journey to success. With combined effort, we aspire to reach new heights & deliver an exceptional customer experience.