Our Story

Bitten by the entrepreneurial bug, I started my journey with Select, an umbrella of brands delivering fantastic customer experiences in various categories. Being passionate about home and office interiors, and a biophilic person, I have combined my love for plants with my passion through Kyari- an online nursery to help everyone enhance the look and feel of their spaces while staying close to nature. 

Plants have always been my go-to companions, I love this wider, natural world around me, it guides me in my entrepreneurship journey and everyday life. And, the way these plants uplift the decor element of any establishment is well beyond imagination, they make everything look and feel oh-so-beautiful, and that's the reason why I love them around me. Just like me, if you are an avid gardener (or, you want to be one), who is fascinated by houseplants, and see gardening as a form of self-care, you're sure to enjoy some quality time shopping here at Kyari. I want you to enjoy the same experience, and I'm sending love and happiness in the form of these little plants- Hamari Kyari se Aapki Kyari Tak.