15 Water Plants to Beautify your home

15 Water Plants to Beautify your home

Jun 06, 2024Neha Agarwal

Plants can add a touch of serenity, calm, and peace to any space. This is why we can see a surge in greenery-inspired interior designs and addition of plants to homes. But gardening demands considerable effort like regular watering, tilling the soil, checking the moisture content of the soil, repotting, unbinding the root balls, constantly checking for root rot, ensuring well drainage of water through the soil mix, and the biggest task of all, cleaning. 

In our busy lives, we do not have the time and energy to maintain a home garden, right? 

If this is your struggle, water plants are the solution for you. These are plants that grow in water, without soil or any other medium and are easy to maintain. This way, you can add some greenery to your house, without the hassle of constantly tending to your plants. Intrigued? 

Keep reading to know which low-maintenance aquatic plants would be perfect for your home.  

What Are Water Plants?

There are several species of plants that can grow in water. Water plants can enhance the visual appeal of your home, along with the additional benefits of air purify. Apart from this, water plants can make you feel calm and relaxed. In fact, according to feng shui, adding water plants in your home can bring prosperity, harmony and balance to your home. 

Here are some of the ways to add indoor plants that grow in water to your home:

  1. Water as a Medium: This is the simplest and maintenance-free way to add plants to your home. You can just add a cutting with a node in a jar of water and forget about it. This cutting can grow roots from the node thrice without requiring any interference. Pothos, philodendrons, monstera, spider plants, syngonium, and coleus are some of the plants that you can grow in a water medium.

       2. Aquarium Plants: If you have an aquarium in your house, you can add submerged or floating water plants. Plants like water hyacinth, water lettuce, and arrowhead can be added to aquariums. These plants can increase the oxygen level in your aquarium, and maintain a healthy ecosystem for the fish.

     3. Backyard Pond: You can make an artificial pond, using a tub, in your  backyard or balcony. Other than being a wow-factor, it will also give you a serene and peaceful corner to meditate or just enjoy your company. Plants like cattail, water bamboo, and mosquito ferns can be added to your pond.

Top 15 water plants

With the rising temperature, the need for plants is eminent. Adding plants, especially plants that grow in water, can lower the temperature of your house, along with adding to the visual appeal. Here are the top 15 water plant names that can be easily grown in your home:

  1. Lucky Bamboo

Lucky bamboo is one of the most common and easy to maintain plants that you can have in your home. You can just place the stems in a glass of water and it will thrive. 

       2. Money Plant

If you are a beginner at gardening and are looking for indoor plants that grow in water, you can start with money plants. They grow very quickly and are natural air purifiers. These are perfect for you if you live in a metropolitan city. 

        3. Philodendron

This is a creeping herb that can be easily grown in indoor settings. If you put one or more nodes of the Philodendron plant into water, it will develop roots and will keep growing.

         4. Monstera

One of the most sought after and popular plants, all varieties of monstera can be grown in water. The beautiful leaf patterns make it perfect for home decoration.

          5. Coleus

Coleus is known for its colourful leaves, ranging from yellow-green to pink, purple, and red. This plant can be a beautiful addition to your aquariums or artificial ponds.

           6. Water Bamboo: 

True members of the bamboo family, this plant is a grass. Even in the wild, it can be found growing in wetlands and marshy areas. You can plant this individually or in aquariums. 

          7. Lotus or Water Lily: 

Water lilies are probably the most beautiful flower that you can easily add to your home. Apart from their beauty, they also represent purity and can bring good luck.

          8. Water Lettuce: 

This is the most common plant found in water.  It's not just beautiful, this water plant can actually be eaten. You can make many pickle and kimchi recipes for water lettuce.

         9. Water Iris:

It grows best in shallow waters and has gorgeous purple flowers that can elevate the look of your garden manifold.


Also known as Syngonium, this plant will basically grow without any effort. It can thrive in water medium and is perfect for work desks, home decor or an addition to your balcony garden.

       11. Pickerelweed: 

This is a multipurpose plant, you can eat the leaves as a salad, roast the seeds, and use the adorable bluish-purple flowers for your floral arrangements.

       12. Cattail: 

This is a tall plant that lives in water. It is known for its beautiful appearance and has many industrial uses as well. 

       13. Mosquito Fern: 

If you are concerned about mosquito breeding in your garden, you should add this plant to your garden. It stops mosquitoes from breeding in the water.

        14. Duckweed: 

Duckweed, also known as water lentils, is a beautiful floating plant that can be added to your artificial ponds. 

        15. Hornwort:

This is a common aquarium plant that has a fluffy-looking stem and can grow really fast. It is known to absorb extra minerals from water. 

How to Care for Water Plants?

Water plants do not require much care and maintenance. However, here are a few things that you should do, to keep your plants healthy:

  1. Change the water every 10-15 days: You should change the water once every 15 days because the oxygen content of the water may deplete over time. Adding an air pump will be enough for your aquariums or ponds.
      2. Add Fertilisers: To ensure growth, you must add liquid fertiliser to your plants 2 to 3 times a year or every season. This will ensure the plants get proper nutrients.

      3. Add Bleach to the Water: Bleach can be an effective method to prevent root rot or any infection. If you see any infection in the roots, just change the water and add a few drops of bleach to it. 

We at Kyari provide you with the convenience of buying water plants even in metro cities. We understand the importance of plants in a household. Even our culture and traditional values promote having plants. We have a wide range of captivating, perennial, and easy to maintain water plants along with other indoor and outdoor plants that will add a dash of greenery to your homes. We also provide you with the finest quality of planters to make your plants a piece of decoration. Kyari believes that any boring and plain corner can be transformed into a luxurious spot, just by adding a little greenery. 

FAQs on Water Plants

What are the benefits of having water plants?

Water plants are easy to maintain, clean the toxins from air, and improve the overall atmosphere of your home.

How do I care for water plants?

Aquatic plants are very low maintenance and do not require much care. Just add an air pump in the water to replenish the oxygen level. You can add fertilisers to the water 2-3 times a year.

What are some creative ways to display water plants?

You can either place them individually in glass jars or add them to an aquarium. The most trending way to display water plants is to build an artificial pond or waterfall in the balcony.

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