The Peace Lily Guide: Benefits, Care, Propagation, and More

The Peace Lily Guide: Benefits, Care, Propagation, and More

About a beautiful peace lily plant

This may come as a surprise to many that peace lilies are tropical evergreen plants and they belong to Arum family, dappled sunlight and consistent moisture along with some humidity makes these plants feel so happy! The best part is, having this kind of environment in your home is never a big task to achieve.

Once you give them sufficient light, especially in early summer, these plants produce white to off-white flowers and the plant is sure to bloom in the right conditions throughout the year. Now, all you need is to place peace lily indoor or outdoor in a creative way and the plants are sure to take care of the rest.

Planting and repotting your peace lily plant

  • You need to have well-draining and all-purpose potting soil, and also make sure to have a container that is twice as large as the root ball. The soil must dry out slowly as time passes, and it should be able to hold moisture. Just like other plants, lily plant at home don’t like over-watering, and they don’t like to dry out entirely.
  • The plant appreciates refreshed soil, and hence, it is advisable to repot the plant every year.
  • As time passes, the plant may grow too large for its pot, and this is where the plant can be divided. You need to take out the plant from its pot and split it into smaller plants, all while making sure that you have some leaves per clump. These plants grow from rhizomes, and the plant can deal with some treatment during division.

How to take care of a peace lily?

Want to know how to take care of this beautiful plant? Here are some crucial details.

  • Simply place these plants in indirect but bright sunlight. An east-facing window can be the right choice to make as it will allow the plant to get some bright morning sun. A north-facing window can also be the right choice for this plant.
  • Keep the plant away from areas where they will receive direct sunlight all day, the south-facing window, for instance, it can cause the plant to dry out.


One of the most common questions asked by plant parents is, how often should you water your peace lily plant? It’s not the number of times you need to water that matters but the dryness of the soil is something that's more important.

Keep the soil lightly moist when you touch it, but not overly saturated. The plant can tolerate short periods of dry soil, but the leaves of the plant can start to have brown tips if they don’t have enough water or humidity.

Here is a pro tip!

Catch the signs while watering, the plant tells you when it's thirsty. The leaves of the plant can start to droop, and it shows that they need some water.

Some key benefits of the peace lily

Check out some amazing benefits of a peace lily.

Purifies indoor air

Peace lily benefits in countless ways and one of the various benefits it provides is purifying the air. Your home can have many pollutants present, which can lead to some health issues. Thanks to this amazing quality of peace lily, it helps in cleansing indoor air, allowing you to breathe fresh.

Low-maintenance plant

Here is another important benefit of the peace lily plant. Surely, we live a busy and hectic life, and spending too much time with your beloved plants can not be possible every single day. Peace lily understands your busy schedule and it asks for very little care. It can tolerate if you forget to water sometimes, and even low light can be tolerated for some time, making this a perfect plant for those who are new to plant parenting.

Promotes good sleep

In today’s time where good sleep has become a dream for many, the peace lily can be a perfect bedroom plant as it promotes good sleep. In addition to improving indoor air quality, the plant promotes humidity and this, in turn, makes you fall asleep quicker. The plant can help in calming all those feelings of stress and nervousness by bringing positive energy in your space.

Adds elegance to your indoor space

What makes this plant very beautiful for your indoor space? Thanks to the curved bract white flowers and its green foliage, the plant looks extremely beautiful in your room or any other space you choose for it. You can make your home decor look more and more appealing if you use a decorative planter for this beautiful plant.

Peace Lily Propagation

  • Propagating a peace lily is a simple process, and all you need to do is divide the sections of the mother plant.
  • Make sure that your plant has matured and it must have plenty of good crowns to separate.
  • Take out your plant from the pot and make sure that you keep the foliage together. If the plant is stuck, tapping on the side of the pot should free it.
  • Now, it's time to divide the plant. Take a crown section away from the plant, you can make use of a sharp knife for the same. The crown must have two or more leaves and there should be aa some roots attached to it.
  • You are now ready to pot, simply remove any loose part of the root and you are ready to go.
  • Now, you have some plants, along with the mother plant, use 4-inch pots and they will work better for repotting.
  • You don't really need to water the plant if the soil is already moist, but if the soil feels dry, then you need to water it thoroughly.

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