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Reason Why Money Plant Is Called Money Plant

Feb 16, 2023Mustufa Khan

One of the most recognizable indoor plants that can be found in almost every home, the money plant grows well in direct and indirect sunlight, and it has an amazing survival rate. Money plant has some other names including Golden pothos, Ceylon Creeper, and Hunter’s Robe.

Money plants are known to bring good luck and prosperity, it gets 5 leaves on each branch that represents all the five elements of Feng Shui, Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, and Earth.

Moreover, if you feel that any corner of your home needs some improvement, or looks dull and boring, then placing a money plant in that specific corner can get the job done. It can help in attracting positive energy while making the space look and feel more refreshing and lively.

Why is this plant called a money plant?

The money plant features round, plumb, flat leaves, and with a little bit of imagination, the leaves may look like a coin. And, there is an interesting story about money plants that may be known to very few people.

A popular story about a money plant

There was a poor man from Taiwan who was dealing with a lot of financial troubles. So, he prayed to God to help him find relief from his financial burden.

One day, he found a plant in his field, and he thought that specific plant is the solution to all his troubles.

He have all his love and care for the plant and he started obtaining results. The plant started to produce nuts, seeds, and more plants.

He started selling those plants and his financial troubles came to an end.

This is the reason why this plant also makes a great gift to near and dear ones.

Some suggestions from Feng Shui experts

It is advisable by experts to keep this plant near television or computer, when you place this plant in front of a sharp corner, it can result in reduced stress, and anxiety. The plant has some other benefits, it can help in avoiding arguments, and it can help in improving sleep quality.

Vastu Shastra and money plant

According to Vastu experts, money plant should be grown indoors as it is known to bring good luck, and activates positive energy. If you see any dry leaves, remove them.

Where should you place the money plant?

Due to the foliage and rapid growth, money plants are mostly used indoors. The plants grow really well and need minimal care, they can be grown as climbers on the wall, and they also look very gorgeous when potted in hanging baskets.

Is the money plant an air purifier?

Yes, a money plant is an excellent air purifier, it filters indoor air while producing oxygen. In fact, the plant is recommended by NASA for its air-purifying capabilities.

Final words

When you have a money plant at home, you’re more likely to attract good luck and prosperity, making it a perfect indoor plant for your home as well as your office. Also, due to the heart-shaped leaves of the money plant, it can help in bringing love and happiness to your family.

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