How to decorate with plants in the kitchen?

How to decorate with plants in the kitchen?

Jun 08, 2023Mustufa Khan

Plant parents are well aware of the fact that houseplants look great in any area of a home, and the kitchen is no exception. Whether you have been a plant lover for a long time or you have recently started falling in love with these green friends, you must agree that plants deserve a prime place in your home, and what can be better than making them sit in the heart of your home- your kitchen? Of course, indoor plants make a perfect choice and an inexpensive way to decorate your kitchen.

The best thing about plants is that they are aesthetically pleasing, and they can add an atmosphere of tranquility to any space, green is the color of nature that evokes a sense of harmony. Let’s walk through some steps to add greenery to your kitchen.

Dining table plants

A classic way to decorate the kitchen with plants is to have some dining table plants with the right indoor planter as a centerpiece. If you’re wondering which plants you should choose for your dining table, then it is advisable to go with indoor plants that don’t need direct sunlight. You can go with succulents or cacti, and they will need very minimal care while uplifting the decor element of your kitchen.

A kitchen garden in metal pots

When you have some extra space in your kitchen, having some large plants with the right metal pots is a great idea. The parlor palm plant is one of the best indoor plants for the kitchen, The plant can be up to two meters in height, making it a perfect decorative piece for your kitchen. The plant looks beautiful while covering all the empty space, making your space feel full and cozy.

Decorate your kitchen windowsill

If you want to have some houseplants in your kitchen, a windowsill is probably the best place to choose. Here you can go with some indoor plants that love sunlight, English Ivy, Aloe Vera, and Spider Plant are some of the best options to choose from. Also, ensure that you choose the right planters, some planters come with plates in the bottom, allowing you to keep your area clean as all the excess water can get stored in the plate.

Some hanging plants and planters

This is something trendy, explore Instagram and Pinterest and you will get some exciting ideas on how to incorporate hanging plants and planters in your kitchen, it makes a unique way to bring nature home. You simply need to think a little bit about the right spots to hang these plants, you can go above the sink, around the doors, or you can even hang them from the cabinets.

Fill your shelves with houseplants

Here is the way to bring an element of softness and freshness to your kitchen, think about a shelf filled with indoor plants with self-watering pots and other plastic pots of your choice, it is sure to add some refreshing vibes to your kitchen. Kitchen plants have become the very first choice of many interior designers and stylists, indoor plants are must-haves for kitchen decor.

A group of plants on the table

Now, it’s time to create a decorative focal point, bringing some indoor plants together on a table, and filling it with the right plants can be a captivating way to decorate the kitchen with plants. If you want to obtain the best results, choose plants with different leaf shapes and forms, and place the tallest one at the back and the smallest ones at the front.

Final words

Hope these kitchen decor ideas will help you create a beautiful and aesthetically pleasing kitchen, this space is the heart of your home and deserves special care and attention. Utilize these ideas and you are sure to create a perfect space, don’t forget to share these ideas with your near and dear ones.

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