Best 40 Famous Mango Varieties in India

Best 40 Famous Mango Varieties in India

May 29, 2024Neha Agarwal

A fruit so beloved that it's hailed as the "King of Fruits" - that's the mango for you. Across India, mango season isn't just a time of ripe fruit; it's a season of joy and celebration. With so many types of mangoes in India to choose from, each with its special flavour, mangoes bring smiles to faces all around. From the sweet and juicy Alphonso to the tangy Langra, India is home to an incredible mango species, each with its own story and taste. 

In this guide, we'll take you on a journey through 40 of the most famous mango varieties in India, exploring their flavours, textures, and where they come from. Get ready for a mouthwatering adventure into the world of Indian mango varieties.

40 Best Mango Varieties in India

Discover the juicy world of mango varieties in India, where you'll find a diverse array of mouthwatering types of mangoes that are sure to delight your taste buds. Here are the top 40 mango varieties in India that make India the king of mangoes

1. Alphonso (Hapus)

Known as the "King of Mangoes," Alphonso mango species is prized for its rich flavour, smooth texture, and vibrant orange colour. Known as the best mango in India Alphonso, originates from the Devgad region in Maharashtra, India, and is highly sought after for its sweetness and low fiber content.

2. Banganapalli (Safeda)

Also known as Safeda, Banganapalli is considered one of the best mango in India in terms of flavour, aroma, and sweetness. Banganapalli mangoes are primarily grown in the Andhra Pradesh and Telangana regions of India.

3. Dasheri

Originating from Uttar Pradesh, India Dasheri mango varieties are known for their distinctive long oval shape and greenish-yellow skin, these mangoes are renowned for their sweet aroma and succulent flavour. Loved by people worldwide, they are often enjoyed fresh or incorporated into various dishes.

4. Langra

Cultivated mainly in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, Langra has a distinct green skin even when ripe. Known for its unique sweet-sour taste and a fibrous texture 

5. Himsagar

Wondering which mango is best for mango shake? Himsagar is the answer. Hailing from West Bengal, Himsagar mango species are known for their fiberless flesh, creamy texture, and exceptionally sweet taste. They are highly regarded as one of the best dessert mangoes due to their quality and flavour.

6. Kesar

Recognized as the "Queen of Mangoes," Kesar from Gujarat is prized for its vibrant orange pulp and decadently sweet taste. This mango variety boasts a strong aroma and a distinctive saffron colour, which is where it gets its name from.

7. Totapuri

Easily identifiable by its distinctive beak-like shape, the Totapuri mango is known for its tangy flavour with less sweetness. This type of mango in India is commonly used in salads and pickles and is primarily grown in the southern regions of India and Gujarat.

8. Neelum

This mango variety is predominantly grown in Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, and Karnataka. It is small to medium-sized, oblong-shaped, and has a smooth, golden-yellow colour. It is known for its rich, balanced flavour of sweetness and tanginess, as well as its extended shelf life.

9. Mallika

A hybrid types op mango variety developed from Neelum and Dasheri, Mallika is known for its exceptional sweetness and flavour, with a slightly tangy finish.

10. Amrapali

Another hybrid, Amrapali is a cross between Dasheri and Neelam. They're small in size, with a vibrant orange-red skin and incredibly sweet, fiberless pulp. Mostly grown in western India, Amrapali mango trees are dwarf-sized.

11. Raspuri

Raspuri is a popular mango variety among different types of mangoes in Karnataka. This medium-sized fruit has a greenish skin that transforms to a vibrant yellow when fully ripe. Known for its juicy and aromatic flesh, Raspuri mangoes are commonly used in making refreshing juices and delicious jams.

12. Malgova

A large mango variety from Tamil Nadu, Malgova is round with thick skin and sweet, juicy flesh. It has a distinctive taste and is enjoyed fresh or in desserts.

13. Pairi 

Famous for its early harvest, Pairi mango from Maharashtra are characterised by their tangy-sweet flavour and fibrous texture. They are commonly used in aamras (mango pulp).

14. Bombay Green (Saroli)

Grown in the northern region of India, this particular mango species of mango is small in size with a green skin that retains its colour even when fully ripe. It is characterised by a strong aroma and a delightful sweet and sour taste.

15. Rajapuri

This versatile type of mango from Maharashtra is famous for its sweet and juicy flesh, making it a popular choice for pickles and chutneys because of its well-balanced flavour.

16. Suvarnarekha

The Suvarnarekha mangoes have a vibrant light yellow colour with hints of red and small light spots. Their peel is easy to remove, allowing you to enjoy the sweet and tangy fruit inside. Cultivated in Andhra Pradesh, these mango varieties in India are perfect for snacking on their own or for creating delicious smoothies.

17. Laxman Bhog

Lakshmanbhog mangoes, named after the mythological character Lakshman, grow in West Bengal, India. They're medium-sized with golden-yellow skin and sweet, aromatic flesh. Whether enjoyed fresh or used in desserts, they offer a heavenly taste experience.

18. Sundari

Sundari mangoes, originating from Andhra Pradesh, especially from Visakhapatnam, are small to medium-sized. They have a light cadmium colour with a hint of jasper red.

19. Gulab Khas

Gulab Khas mangoes, named for their rose-like aroma, come from the northern part of Uttar Pradesh. They are small, with a reddish and pink blush and have a sweet, fragrant taste.

20. Fernandina

Fernandina, a rare mango species grown in Goa, is known for its unique sweet and slightly tart flavour, as well as its attractive orange-red skin. These mango varieties in India are resistant to spoilage from both rain and fruit flies.

21. Banganapalli (Baneshan)

Another well-known variety from Andhra Pradesh, Baneshan bears a resemblance to Banganapalli mangoes but stands out with its unique flavour profile and smooth, buttery texture.

22. Ambalavi

Ambalvi is a variety of mango hailing from the states of Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, and Telangana. It is characterised by its medium size, greenish-yellow skin, and sweet, aromatic pulp.

23. Alampur Baneshan

Alampur Baneshan is a well-known variety in Southern India, loved for its delicious flavour and juicy flesh. What sets this variety apart is that it stays green even when fully ripened.

24. Jehangir

Jehangir mangoes are medium-sized fruits with a sweet taste and slightly fibrous texture. Named after a Mughal Emperor, they may appear like apples to those unfamiliar with them. These types of mangoes are also known for their strong fragrance.

25. Himayuddin

Himayuddin mangoes mainly come from Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu. They're famous for being big, sweet, and having a unique flavour. The mango names have hinted at a royal past, suggesting they were once the favourite fruit of kings and queens in India.

26. Imam Pasand

Imam Pasand is a popular type of mango in India, known for its sweet and rich flavour. It is highly sought after for its unique taste and juicy texture. Known for its superior quality, Imam Pasand mangoes are often considered a premium fruit choice.

27. Kalapady

Kalapady mangoes are cultivated in Kerala, India. These medium-sized fruits have a greenish-yellow skin and boast a rich, sweet flavour. They are a favourite among mango enthusiasts for their delicious taste and are cherished in Kerala's mango-growing regions.

28. Kishen Bhog

Popular in West Bengal, Kishen Bhog mango species comes in medium-sized with a sweet taste and a smooth, buttery texture.

29. Mankurad

This mango variety from Goa is small to medium-sized with greenish-yellow skin and exceptionally sweet, juicy flesh.

30. Pedda Rasalu

Known for its large size and juicy, sweet flesh, Pedda Rasalu is a popular mango name in Andhra Pradesh.

31. Neeleshan

A hybrid variety known for its excellent flavour and aroma, Neeleshan is grown in various parts of India.

32. Sammar Bahisht

This variety from Uttar Pradesh is medium-sized with a greenish-yellow skin and a sweet, aromatic taste.

33. Sindoori 

Known for its reddish blush, sindoori mango from Gujrat India has an extremely sweet taste that is often called one of the sweetest mangoes in India. 

34. Chausa

Cultivated in Northern India, Chausa is medium-sized with a sweet, juicy pulp and a distinctive aroma.

35. Benishan

This mango variety from Andhra Pradesh is medium to large-sized with a rich, sweet flavour and smooth texture.

36. Rumana

Rumana mangoes, found in Karnataka, India, are medium-sized and have sweet, juicy flesh with a slightly tangy taste, making them a delicious choice for mango fans.

37. Zardalu

Zardalu mangoes, grown mainly in Bihar, India, are loved for their rich aroma, sweet flavour, and smooth texture, offering a tropical delight in every bite.

38. Apoos

Similar to Alphonso, Apoos is known for its sweet taste and smooth, fiberless texture, mainly grown in Maharashtra.

39. Mulgoa

This mango variety from Tamil Nadu is large with sweet, juicy flesh and a distinctive flavour, often enjoyed fresh or in desserts.

40. Cheruku Rasam

This mango variety is native to the state of Andhra Pradesh in India. It is distinct for its small size, vibrant yellow skin, and intense sweetness, making it a favourite among locals. 


The diversity of mango varieties in India is truly remarkable, offering an array of flavours and experiences to enjoy. If you've been captivated by the allure of these delicious fruits, why not take the next step and grow your own mango plants at home? Imagine plucking ripe, juicy mangoes straight from your garden. If you're interested in starting your mango plant journey, we have just the thing for you. Check out our selection of planters & pots at Kyari perfect for growing different types of mango plants in your home garden. 

FAQs on Mango Varieties

Which mango is best in India?

The answer can vary depending on personal taste preferences, but some of the most highly regarded mango varieties in India include Alphonso, Kesar, Dasheri, and Langra.

Which mango is best for a mango shake?

Mangoes with smooth, creamy textures like Alphonso or Kesar are often preferred for mango shakes due to their rich flavour and creamy consistency.

Which is the king of mangoes in India?

The Alphonso mango, also known as 'Hapus' in Maharashtra, is often hailed as the king of mangoes in India for its unparalleled sweetness, rich flavour, and creamy texture.

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