9 Amazing Plant Gift Ideas For this Valentine's Day

9 Amazing Plant Gift Ideas For this Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and it’s time to express your love and admiration towards the special person in your life. February is the month of love, and what better way to positively reinforce your relationship than gifting?

A thoughtfully chosen gift won’t just be functional and aesthetic, but it will also tug at the chords of your loved ones’ hearts. To that end, getting plants for Valentine’s Day would be a great idea, as they do as much for upholding the well-being of a person as they do for enhancing the vibe of any space.

9 Plant Gift Ideas For Lovers Day

We think that the best way to celebrate Valentine’s Day is with the timeless gift of greenery! Here is our curated list of 9 plant gift ideas that personify love and care:

Symbolic Plants

Lucky Bamboo

Feng Shui talks highly about the use of the Lucky Bamboo Plant for good luck and prosperity. For all the positivity that it brings, Lucky Bamboo is one of the best plants for Valentine’s Day.

Money Plant for Prosperity

The money plant has a distinctive look, and the leaves are green-white. Many cultures associate it with good luck, abundance and prosperity.

Romantic Flowering Plants


The best way to add a dash of romance to your relationship is by gifting roses to your special one. These gorgeous flowers are known for their dazzling charm, and they are a ubiquitous symbol of love.


Looking for something that personifies grace and beauty? Orchids are going to be the best pick for you. Their enduring and alluring blooms are a symbol of strength, exquisiteness and love. Orchids come in a number of colours and you can choose a colour for their specific meaning.

Aromatic Herb Plants


Anything that calms our senses and cheers up our mood is a great choice for a gift. Lavender is known for its mesmerising aroma that aids relaxation. Trust us, your words or girlfriend is going to love this.

Sweet Basil

Sweet basil has been used to elevate the charm of culinary creations for a long time. Besides that, it also has a lovely and sweet aroma that makes this a great plant gift for Valentine’s Day.

Special Valentines Plants From Kyari

If you have been racking your brains about where to get the right plant gifts for Valentine’s Day, we suggest you take a look at the following options from Kyari:

Aglaonema Pink Valentine Plant

Aglaonema Pink Valentine Plant is a great choice for indoor plants. The attractive variegated leaves of this plant have pink hues that make them a stunning addition to your interiors. No matter who you get it for, they will fall in love with its look.

Syngonium Pink Valentine's Gift

Syngonium Pink Valentine's Gift is an amazing Valentine's Day Plant Gift combo for your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife. The adaptability and allure of the Syngonium pink plant make this an excellent pick as a V-Day gift. This will be an enchanting addition to any place. Besides this plant, our gift combo also contains quirky stickers and a lovely greeting card.

Chocolate Infused Combo

If you want to get something thoughtful and romantic for the special one in your life, check out our Chocolate-infused combo. It has the captivating Aglaonema Pink Valentine Plant that can arrest your heart and attention with its lush pink hues. The combo also has an adorable greeting card, scented candle, quirky stickers and some sweet treats. The Aglaonema plant is paired with a self-watering pot that facilitates easy care.

When we talk about thoughtful gifting, plant gifts take the lead. From the love language of roses to the luck-infusing bamboo plants, there are so many options for you to experiment with.

Not only will these plant gifts look good, but they will also uphold the highest standards of sustainability and functional gifting. Each plant tells a unique story, and you can choose the story that matches the essence of your relationship. So, this Valentine’s season, let the love grow with Kyari’s exquisite range of homegrown plants.

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